Why is Haikyuu! so good? (No spoilers)

So I’ll put up a review for one of my favorite anime out there. As an introduction, this anime was responsible for the sudden spike in student enrollment in volleyball clubs of Japan during its inception.


This is an anime I watched after I had finished almost 20 of the popular anime and instantly regretted not watching it earlier. The whole series focuses on Hinata, a volleyball knucklehead, Kageyama, a genius (unlike the exaggeration in Kuroko no Basket) and their team Karasuno. I’ll list out the points which have made this anime so good and why this is one of the best out there.

1) Being a sports anime- In the anime world where you could literally have the whole storyline in an alternative universe like that in Naruto, OP, Bleach, etc, when you have the option of giving your characters superpowers like that of Saitama, Haikyuu has the theme of a sport limiting the ways in which the series could be animated without repetition of skills, moments, etc. However, the anime does a brilliant job by overcoming all the limitations and giving us a brilliant show to enjoy

2) Realism- Even in the arena of sports anime, we could see a lot of them showing abnormal skills and traits as in Kuroko no basket where there’s this Generation of Miracles having abnormal skillsets which cannot happen in real life. Haikyuu has its whole storyline based on real-life volleyball, the techniques, the josh, and everything. It’s literally like you’re watching a real volleyball match. The emotional tension that each player goes through, their tiredness when it comes to long sets is clearly shown with detail.

3) Animation, OST and sound effects- Within the sports anime that offer realism like Slam dunk, what sets Haikyuu! apart is it’s animation and especially the sound effects and appropriate use of OST. The way the gameplay is beautified with animation is just spectacular. You could see waves of air whenever a spiker hits the ball, a slight addition of the manga effect whenever a powerful spiker(you know who) hits it(Like the celestial dragon scene in OP). There’s also this special sharingan like sound effect during quick attacks, a cheer during Oikawa’s serve etc. The OST Above which is one of my personal favourites is also another splendid one and is used in the most opportune moments.

4) Positive vibe- The extent of motivation, drive and confidence that you’ll get after watching this series is just phenomenal. The way each individual acquires different skills to combat their existing downfalls, to improve game play is highly inspiring to watch.

5) Zero lag- Trust me or not but this is a series that has zero lag in its story line. It’s just volleyball matches, practice, matches again and again. No time is wasted to needlessly dwell upon someone’s past.

6) Non protagonist centric- Another plus point is the fact that this series isn’t focused on just the central characters or just the Karasuno team. Every character, even from other teams gets a fair share of introduction to a point where there’s a comparable fandom for each character in that series. You’ll love almost all the characters in the series and might even root for other teams instead! That‘s the beauty of Haikyuu!

Another reason is that the team’s win isn’t always due to the protagonist, it’s based on teamwork and usually the MVP isn’t that one orange haired dude in the team.

7) Real life lessons- Season 1 is all about getting the team together, about failure. But season 2 and 3 is all about correction and improvement. Season 4 shows the different ways in which one could learn something new, that even a ball boy can use the role to learn something good. Lessons like these can be directly incorporated into our life too!

8) A mini volleyball guide- This series perfectly explains volleyball, its rules, the roles in a team and its game play in the most precise and engaging manner. I fell in love with volleyball after watching this series and this must be the case about almost everyone who has watched Haikyuu! too.

It took me just one or two days to finish the anime and I also patiently read through each manga chapter whenever it came out on Sundays. As someone who knows the full storyline, I can definitely guarantee that Haikyuu will not disappoint you, it’s simply a MASTERPIECE!



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